Friday, June 14, 2013

Hi there!  Jennie here with a brand new challenge for you today!

The challenge for today is an easy one -- but I can't wait to see what you do with it!  

PIZZA!  So many different bits and pieces to consider with pizza: crust, sauce, cheese, toppings and seasonings -- YUM!

In this page (layout) challenge -- I want you to:

Pick your favorite crust, either standard (white or off white cardstock base) or whole wheat (kraft cardstock).

Add the sauce (patterned paper) -- use three different ones.  Each of these represents tomatoes, garlic and basil.  

And sprinkle the cheese.  (add journaling lines to the page!) A lot or a little is up to you.

Things to consider:
We didn't do toppings. That's up to you!  (Embellishments) Also, a pizza is usually round and slices of pizza are often triangles.  You could try and incorporate these things into your design, if it tickles your fancy!

here's my take:

Add your page by June 19 to play along!!


Laurie Leahey said...

What a cute recipe challenge! But now I'm hungry for pizza!

Jennybean said...

Great challenge... here's a link to my layout!