Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The unsung hero of scrapbooking. It's kinda sad that the little guy that holds everything together gets no credit. The paper hears how pretty it is, how nicely the colors flow and how perfectly it will compliment that one certain picture. The buttons get their attention by standing tall and showing just how 3D they are. The ribbon, well, the ribbon gets to be touched. You can't just look at ribbon.

But the element that brings them all together gets no credit at all.

Over the years, I've used adhesive rollers, double sided sticky tabs, glue sticks and have come full circle back to an adhesive roller. I've used many kinds of adhesive rollers, but a friend recommended the Tombo to me. I love this adhesive in a soul mate kinda way.

I have found a way to bind the soul of my scrapbooking products to their cardstock base. Luckily, it can now be found in the Memorable Seasons store HERE.
Sometimes, though, we expect too much from our adhesives. We try to force a product meant to bind pictures to paper into a job it simply wasn't designed for. That is where these come in. Oh blessed little blobs of sticky. I've lost many a piece of DNA to these little suckers, but when they say permanent, they mean it.

Looking at my own personal stash of adhesives, I am aware that there are many ways to pull our pages together. Ways that go beyond store bought adhesives.

I am wondering, how creative you have gotten with adhering scrapbooking products?

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