Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The three R's...

Here we are. A new month, a time for all things new...
It is actually a time for all things old here at MS. We are "Going Green" this month with all of our DT challenges!

We want you to tap into your inner Kermit the Frog... you know, "It's not easy being green". Hmmm... I think jokes are technically more humorous if you do not have to explain them, but too late! We are using the Kermit lingo now!!!!!!!!!!

Your first Green Challenge, ( aka Kermit's Conscience Challenge) is too dig up some OLD alphabet stickers and use them on a layout. Bonus points if you remember where you got them and how long ago.

Once you have REUSED the letters, go to the MS Store and REWARD yourself with some new letters... ah, I love the circle of life!

Here is my Layout using some THREE year old doodlebug letters!!

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