Thursday, May 23, 2013

Are you ready for our annual Throwdown competition?

Are you ready to get cooking?  It’s that time again here at Memorable Seasons, time to gear up for our annual Throwdown competition.  This year we are going to throw in a little twist; we are looking for someone to name as the first ever Top Chef!  Sound like fun?  Make sure you stop by and join us for tons of recipes that mean we are cooking up fun in big quantities!

Details:  Every Tuesday the DT will be offering an appetizer challenge that will have you creating a tag/card and then each Friday you will receive a main course challenge.  The DT will provide you with a recipe to cook up your creation with, but it is up to you to add just the right touch of spice to have you named as the weekly top chef.  Random prize drawings will occur each week and on the final week, our Top Chefs will come head to head in and all out war for the prize pack and honor of being named the first ever Top Chef of Memorable Seasons.

Stop by Thursday, June 6th for your first appetizer recipe (normally posted on Tuesdays) and the main dish recipe will be offered up on Friday, June 7th.  Can’t wait to see what you can cook up!

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Hossain said...

attractive post. i want to participate this competition. i don't know how is it possible.