Friday, February 25, 2011

Throwdown Challenge Week #4

Well its Tami here with ya this week---R U READY for my THROWDOWN???

Well for my throwdown I want you to think Baked Spaghetti. Its a great hearty meal and not alot of ingredients required--but oh the possibilities to make it different everytime!

So we need some meat, noodles and sauce right? Then is when the fun begins... Did you know that I have kids that wont eat spinach So guess what when I make baked spaghetti I put spinach in there-great way to get them some green vegetable--BTW zucchini works great too.

So here we go with my take

Main ingredient--meat sauce = one photo
other necessaties-- noodles = layering
spices (gotta fix that jar sauce up)= embellie cluster
unexpected veggie= a non scrapbook related item
So we have the one photo-check
lots of layering-check
embellie cluster-check
non scrappy item---see the yellow strip with the numbers and some staples, well those are the dry cleaner tags they put on my husbands pants and of course I save them

So here's your challenge ladies
one photo
layering---must have at least 5 pattern papers on your lo
embellie cluster-must be more than 3 items
non scrappy related item--only one is required

I sure hope you will take this challenge and join us this week for thr Throwdown. You have until midnight on Thursday March 3rd to post your lo in the gallery. Have fun girls.

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