Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December... it IS almost here!

Where did October go? And November for that matter? How are we already on the eve of December? Well... we are and this December 1st is a bittersweet blogpost for me! I, like Detta decided it was time to step away from the MSDT. Working with Jill, and the various team members over the years has been great fun, and their creativity is beyond inspiring. You all know Jill as a great store owner, but she is also a great boss, and friend. I am blessed for the time with her and MS. Thank you Jill!!!

Now, onto this whole its already December freak out moment I am having! As you look at your calendar remember a few things...

1. If your December Daily makes you crazy, put it aside, and just write down a memory from each day, then go make it in January while you eat leftover cookies. Me, I like crazy, so in a fit of freakish scrapping I put mine together yesterday. We'll see how this goes...
2. If you cherish hand made gifts, but know your aunt throws them out, stop. Stop making aunty a handmade gift and get her a gift card. Save yourself time, hurt feelings, and crafty bitterness. :)
3. Make at least one card, layout, or crafty bit of something this month that is not Christmas themed. I know, crazy talk. BUT... maybe making that layout about the beach will be just the vacation you need from the busyness!
4. Above all... stop. Take time to enjoy your family, and do something fun,meaningful, and memory worthy.

Merry Christmas to all, it has been a great ride, and I am ever thankful for Jill, MS and each of you! Your new DT crew is AMAZING too... get ready for them to rock your socks off this year!!


Dettao said...

What a great post and such wonderful advice. You are truly awesome, Jude.

Thewhimsicalflower said...

WOW! You give some wonderful advice. Have fun on your next adventure!