Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do YOU Daily?

The question comes out on ALL of the boards - do YOU Daily? Meaning, will YOU create a December Daily album? An album documenting your time this December?

I must admit, I feel A LOT of pressure to create one - who wouldn't want to have a fun keepsake of all of the holiday traditions - old or new - that took place this year? As the December Daily traidtion goes, you are supposed to create and album with one page for each day of December - and you are SUPOSED to have the album completed and ready for photos/journaling/keepsakes before December actually rolls around. That way, you are more likely to ENJOY the process of filling the album.

Filling the album is NOT my problem - my problem is creating it. No matter how simple I say I want it, I see everyone else's cute, beautiful, embellished albums online and I WANT them!

I did create one last year and kept up with it until Christmas Day - it fell t the wayside after that. I loved going through it with my oldest child and remembering all of the fun things we had done.

So ladies, share your December Dailies with us and any tips YOU might have for creating them nd keeping them simple! What was YOUR favorite part of a past December Daily you created? What would you change? What would you keep the same?


Rita said...

I have really been inspired to do one this year. Plan on starting in this weekend!!

Robin Gibson said...

Not sure if I will do one this year, but have in the past! It was great:) What made it easier, was using coordinated supplies, and even doing some pages ahead, and just leaving space for journaling/photos/stuff. This made it quick & easy! After saying that, I might be in the spirit afterall!

Melissa LaFavers said...

I first heard about the idea too far into December 2007 to do a December Daily. Instead, I did 12 Days, and it is by far one of my favorite scrapping projects I've ever done. I love to flip through and see all the innovative things I did to document the holiday season. Breaking it down into less time than 25 days might make it less intensive for some, at least to start.