Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making Memories Slice

Slice used for journaling block and flourishes. (Noteworthy & Basics 3)

Slice used for tags on above card and the tab on card below.
All papers are October Afternoon: Good Cheer Collection

At CHA this summer I was a lucky winner of the brand new die cutting machine, the Slice. I was so excited to win but had to wait until the end of October to receive it. It was definitely worth the wait. This is the first electronic die-cut machine I have ever owned so I am by no means an expert but so far I am very happy with it.

In my opinion here are it’s strengths:

-Price. At $150 MSRP it is affordable. You can sometimes find it on sale (like Memorable Seasons Black Friday sale when it was 30% off!) The design cards hold 100-150 images and some have 2 to 3 different alphabets and retail for $40 MSRP.

-Easy learning curve. It is simple to operate. My 10 year old loves to use it.

-Cutting Mat is infinitely reusable. The Slice comes with a 6X6 glass mat but you can purchase a 12X12 for around $20. You simply paint on a tacky adhesive (included in the starter kit) to keep the paper in place while you cut and wash it off the mat when you’re done.

-Portability. It is lightweight, compact and can be used cordless.

-Fully Self-Contained. This product does not need to be hooked to a computer. It is fully rechargeable and a charge lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs of cutting. It can also be used while plugged in.

-Cut Anywhere. This is a great feature for making window cards and it is fun to use the negative space in your projects.


-It only cuts up to 4 inches. For the most part this hasn’t been a problem but there have been a couple of times that I wish it cut larger sizes.

-It is time consuming to cut out individual letters for titles. I have the 12x12 mat on order and this will make it easier as I won’t have to reposition the paper as often.

-The spatula should have been included in the starter kit. It is necessary to get designs off of the cutting mat.

-Holding it down – for some people this is a big con. It doesn’t bother me. While the machine is working you need to “lightly” hold on to it. If it is not held steady your paper will not be cut properly. The machine cuts quickly.

All in all, I really enjoy my Slice and use it very often. If you are interested in purchasing the Slice, you can find it HERE.


Jude said...

very cool stuff Jen!! :)

Jill said...

Thanks Jen, that is very helpful to know all of that!

Dettao said...

You are certainly making good use of that little machin3

camport said...

Great advice! This is the first die cutting system that has REALLY caught my eye!!