Monday, December 24, 2012

Project Life is it for you?

So you have probably heard all of the commotion about Project Life going around.  It seems like every company is producing their own materials or joining with someone that is.  Here at Memorable Seasons we try to keep you all abreast of all of the trends that come and go, some good and some well, they should have been skipped.  So this year, we are going to offer a challenge each month to document your everyday life - this will also count towards the monthly prize drawing.

So how can you document your life; well you could try documenting your daily life, your weekly life, your monthly life, however you decide will work for you will earn you an entry in the monthly prize drawing, plus you will have documented those little things that really do mean so much.  Each month one of the DT members will offer you a 2 page sketch to help you document your life - we've each oohed, and ahhhed over Megan and Tami's progress this year in Project 12 - 12 spreads in a year.  You can choose to use the sketch we provide, or do your own thing, but we want to offer you the tools you will need to be successful in 2013 documenting your life.

If you have thought about doing the full Project Life I wanted to share some information that I have been gathering to again provide the tools you would need to follow this path of the journey

Project Life -
1.  First up the creator of Project Life, Becky Higgins, with some information she shared with CK, Project Life .

2.  Echo Park has created Photo Freedom based on Stacy Julian's approach - Photo Freedom

3.  But most of all, here is a dear friend of mine Patricia Roebuck's outlook on actually doing a year of Project Life and answering some basic questions that I asked her and others that she has come across over the year, Roebuck Adventures

So, I hope this gives you plenty of information to consider joining us here at Memorable Seasons as we take this journey into scrapbooking the daily moments of our lives!

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