Monday, August 2, 2010

It is a Friend Raising Drive!

Here at Memorable Seasons, we love our members. It is exciting to see our membership grow. We have a little over 450 members at this moment. We like that we have friends all across the country but we want more friends. Will you help us make more friends? As an incentive for you to ask your friends to become our friends, we are having a contest. Our goal is 500 members. The 500th person to sign up for membership will receive a $20 GC to the store and the person who invited them will get one, too! Doesn’t that sound fun? All you have to do is invite your friends. Post it on Facebook. Post it on your blog. Send out mass emails to all your scrapbooking friends. Tell them to say hello in the Welcome forum and mention who sent them. Let’s see how fast we can get to 500.

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