Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Projects

I know that Earth Day was last week but I wanted to share one more project and a few fun ideas with you. Earlier this month I did an internet search on Earth Day crafts to do with the kids and ended up finding so many fun things for me to make too. Here's a link to a few ideas if you're interested. :)

I made this cute little house with a recycled Pop Tart box.....

and here are the directions if you'd like to make one of your own....

The top of the box (with flaps intact) will be the top of the house. Decide what color you would like your house to be and cover the outside with paper. Leave three extra inches of paper at the top all the way around (where the flaps are).

1. Cut slits in the paper at the top corners, so that the paper can fold like the flaps can. Adhere the paper to the flaps.

2. Fold corners of the big flaps of the top of the box inward to make an upside down "v". Fold the corners inward, but leave them sitting like tabs, so that you can glue the roof to them. Fold the small flaps down inside the box.

3. Decide what color you would like your roof to be and cut the paper to cover it. Adhere it and then add any details you would like to your house, i.e., window boxes, shutters, flowers, ivy or anything else you like!


Jocelyn said...

Jen....I love this and will be collecting the boxes from my daughter's house to make one of these!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Dettao said...

how cute! I may try one of these, too. It would be a good excuse to buy poptarts! :)