Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's time for a Contest

Do you enjoy the TV show Survivor--well we here at Memorable Seasons have our own take on the show. It's called The Last Scrapper Standing. We want all you ladies to join us here on our little island for an 8 week adventure this summer.
The DT will issue you a challenge every Friday starting June 1--you will have until the following Wednesday to get your layout loaded to the gallery and linked back to the appropriate thread. Then on Thursday all of us on the island will vote for our top 3 favorites. Depending on how many entries we have to start on week 1--a percentage of them will move forward to next week. This will continue until week 7. The last week only the Dt members aka THE JURY will vote on the top 3. The layout will the most votes will become our Last Scrapper Standing.
But WAIT WAIT--just becuz you run the risk of being voted out doesnt mean you are done----NO NO NO!! Each week we have a random drawing for prizes and EVERYONE is eligible for this prize.
So we encourage you to invite your friends-cuz HEY we dont wanna be on the island all alone right? Keep your scrappy stuff in order cuz we wanna challenge you to beat the heat of summer and use your creative brains to create some GREAT stuff.
Wont you join us?
See you Friday June 1

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