Monday, October 26, 2009

Just the Basics

I have been thinking about this week’s blog entry for several days trying to come up with something original or funny or inspiring. Of course, my overworked and constantly tired brain came up with nothing until this past weekend. I started thinking about the basics. If I had to give up all of the supplies I owned except for the very basics, what would I keep?
I think I’d like to separate this into supplies, tools, and embellishments.

The basic supplies I would keep would be assorted colors of cardstock, adhesive, pens in assorted colors, an album and page protectors.

The basic tools I would keep would be a paper trimmer and scissors. These items would do the job if all I wanted to do is get my pictures on the page and tell the story. but I want my pages to look pretty, too.

My basic embellishments would include letter stickers, basic punches like stars and flowers, patterned paper and a circle cutter.

My add ons would be buttons, brads, flowers and journal stamps. It is really hard to narrow it down, isnt' it? With so much beautiful stuff out there, how is a girl to choose.

What about you? What do you think you could get by with? What would your add ons be?

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Tami said...

OMgsh thats a hard question! Would have to ponder on that one for a bit! LOL