Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello Planner...

Are you ready? Is all your Christmas shopping done and the cookies baked and in the freezer? What's that you say? Too early for all that? Well.... YES it is!! BUT, it really is not too early to be thinking about and gathering your Christmas Scrapping Supplies and Needs!!

I know, we have all thought, "I am going to scrap those 25 days before Christmas this year, really I am!"... and then, we have three class parties on the same day, out of town guests, trips to the mall, and an ever growing to do list, all making us feel more than busy. Before we know it, it is October 20th of the FOLLOWING year and our Christmas Mini from LAST December is glaring up at us as we type a blog post... um, not that I know anyone currently doing that very thing.
So, what to do??? You know you want to make the mini, but will it get done???
YES!! And here is how...

PLAN AHEAD! Make that mini NOW! I mean it... get on the Memorable Seasons site and browse through all the great items Jill has stocked in the Christmas category. Fill up your cart, and get those goodies on their way to your doorstep.
Next step... actually make the book ahead of time!! I know, sometimes we like to wait to have photos, etc, but this is no time for all that preciseness. ( is preciseness technically a word? I don't know, but according to spell check, scrapbooking isn't so... we will see come spell check time.)

Seriously, pick a book to use, get your papers out, label them 1-25, and get them in there. You can take a step further and place some embellishments too. I know, it is crazy talk, pre-embellishing, but live on the edge!

If daily scrapping is simply not in the December time budget, pick a weekly day/time to devote at least on hour to the Mini Book... it won't take as long thanks to those pre-made pages!!

So... get those supplies together and go! Then upload your project to the Memorable Seasons Gallery for all to see!! We look foward to seeing your work... and hopefully before spring... or summer... or, gulp, next fall... !


NanaBeth said...

Okay this really made me laugh. Just this morning I decided to put up all the Halloween projects I'm halfway through and get started on Christmas. Of course the funny part is last year I swore I would start on Halloween in January and Christmas in July. The best laid plans etc. etc.

Dettao said...

You always make me smile, Jude.