Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organization and purging old supplies

For the last few weeks, I have been going through my scrappy supplies trying to get organized and purging the things I don't need or want anymore. I have so many things that have been given to me over the years that just aren't my style. Of course, there are plenty of things in my stash that I bought for myself and now I wonder why in the world I thought I needed it. One of the organization tools I have employed is the Inque Boutique stamp keeper. They are like clam shell packages that you put in a binder to keep your stamps easy to access. I have these 81/2x11 pages that I bought from the Memorable Seasons store. You are in luck, too, cause they are on sale right now for 65% off! In fact, all storage supplies are 65% off.

The other exciting thing I am doing is getting ready for a scrappy garage sale! I belong to a meet up group in my area that gets together in each other's homes and sometimes in churches to scrap together. We have decided to have a big garage sale to help us clean out our unused supplies. We are selling everything really cheap like dime and quarter cheap on most things. Any extra money we make will probably be used buying other people's unused stuff! We are advertising on Craig's list and hope we are successful. I will take pictures and report back how we do. Why don't you and your friends try something like this in your town? It would be a great way to make room in your space and give you a little extra money for all the fun new CHA items about to hit the stores in a few weeks. Keep checking the store and this blog. Jill is markdown happy lately and the good deals just keep on coming!

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