Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drips Challenge w/ Ange

Today on the message board we are challenging our members to use drips on their layouts. 

 This layout was created based on a sketch from Nuts About Sketches.

 There are different ways to create drips with your mists/sprays.
1- hold the bottle high above the paper and then press the pump down slowly, but not all the way. It makes the mist come out in bigger drops, but is harder to control.
2- unscrew your pump. Hold the tube above your layout and press the pump down, it comes out, from the bottom of the tube, in big splats. (occasionally it sprays out of the top also so be sure to protect your area or cover that in some way)
3- for smaller splats, pump the tube into your bottle a time or 2 to get most of the spray out of the tube before doing step 2 to your layout (that is what I did with the above layout)

 Now to make it run:
Normally, I will just hold my layout upright and bump it against my table.
You can also blow it around your layout. It gives it the sharper turns like I have under the bat.
For more control, use a straw.

We are having a fun month of challenges with lots of tutorials. Come join us and share your creations for a  chance at the prize!

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