Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Accordion Fold

I came up with today's tutorial after one-too-many frustrations with paper. I love the look of accordion fold flowers but have adhesive issues. When I attach the ends to make the strip of paper into a circle it always comes undone or is too bulky.
 I set my problem soving brain to work and came up with a circle format.
Here are the directions:
Step 1:Cut a 4 inch circle from cardstock.
Step 2:Score your circle into 16ths as shown in box 1 and box 2
Step 3:Cut a 1.5 inch circle out of the center.
Step 4:Bunch center of the circle together to create an accordion flower, secure with adhesive. I use hot glue which looks a tad messy so I add a paper covering circle on top.
If you make accordion folds from circles 2.5inches or smaller you will need to cut a 1inch circle from the center.
I've posted a great Christmas project to the forum that uses this Accordion Fold method.
Stop by and check it out!!!
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marie o hanlon said...

Thanks for the tip . They look lovely. What do you mean by bunch up the circle. Do you mean make the accordion look by folding them .
Marie ohanlon.

Charity said...

First make the accordion look by folding them, then press the outer edges of the circle towards the center so that the center hole shrinks. Kind of like a gentle squeeze.

Charity said...
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