Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our GDT is wired and inspired to the max!

So Tami here with you today and I super duper excited to share with you that Susan our resident scrappy journalist is our GDT for the month of September.  And this month our theme is wired and inspired.  Well let me tell you that Susan has come up with a great challenge for you girls today...

In Susans own words:
This month we've been exploring our relationship as scrapbookers with the computer world - how we get inspiration, use websites, and access information from it. This got me to thinking how much our society uses computers and how much things have changed since they became a common tool in the American home. I also thought about how my life personally has changed once I started using a computer regularly, and what I remember about life before that time. So, I made a page about that and did some extensive journaling on the subject. I like to think of future generations reading my little "essay" and comparing my life with their own. Here's what I made

Now, my challenge to you is to do some journaling - yep, journaling! - about anything related to the computer world. Don't worry, you don't have to write as much as I did! Just write something. And it can be about lots of things: a favorite website, a blog or your blog, how you use the computer, your first computer purchase, your computer-related job, how you love the computer, or, how you hate the computer! It could be about a story you remember concerning computers, a computer class you once took, games on the computer, your children and their computer use. There's so much that can be done - just use your imagination!

Here's the text of my journaling if you would like to see it better:

"I can remember when there were no computers. Life was much different in those days and the changes the computer age has brought into my world is difficult to totally comprehend. To me, the days before computers were both a simpler time and a more complicated time. Yes, the computer can make today’s life much easier and efficient, but it has radically changed how we relate to others.
The first time I saw a computer I was a young girl visiting my mom at her job. She worked at a bank, and there was a room with glass walls which held several computers the size of refrigerators! Back then computers didn’t have monitors. They printed out information on large sheets of paper which was bound into books. In my 20s I had a job that involved looking through stacks and stacks of those books for a particular piece of information. It was a dull task.

Before computers and email, I wrote letters - lots of letters to pen pals, friends, and relatives. I still have many of their letters, tucked away in my closet. It makes me sad to think that, because of email, no one’s letters will be saved and remembered.
Getting information now is certainly much easier. If you want to find out about a subject you just “Google it”, and there it is! Before computers, I would go to the library and look things up in the encyclopedia. There were reference librarians whose job was to help people find information.
Computers have also taken the place of maps, and that makes me sad. In the “old” days, I relied on a fold-out map of the city. Using that map I learned my way around and got a “bird’s eye view” of the area. I became very familiar with all the streets and could easily think of alternate routes if I got caught in bad traffic. I learned about my community. Now, tells me how to go. Yes, it can be convenient, but nothing beats knowing your own town like the back of your hand.

The invention of digital cameras has revolutionized the world of photography and I admit that I love it! Film cameras left a lot to chance and I often wound up with bad pictures. Another aspect of computers that I think is fantastic is the changes it has brought to the music industry. I can listen to high-quality sound on iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify. Never before have I had such a huge variety of music at my fingertips!
One of the most successful, popular and – some would say – pervasive aspects of the computer age was the creation of Facebook. On the plus side, you do “connect” with your friends and acquaintances like never before and it does help people to stay in touch. But I wonder sometimes if it doesn’t take the place of personal interaction. A “virtual hug” is not a hug. It’s a parenthesis.

The internet can be a wonderful source of information and inspiration. It has streamlined our lives while making it richer at the same time. But, while it can be a time saver in some ways, it can also gobble up time like nothing else! It is so easy to lose hours of the day while “surfing the net”. This is unfortunate because I could be doing so many other things that are much more productive. Like reading a book, talking to a friend, or creating something. Like it or not, computers have certainly changed my life. Sometimes I miss that old life, sometimes I don’t. In the end, though, I’m glad I can say I knew what life was like “back then” before the Age of Computers."

So here's the deal--take the challenge and make a layout.  you will need to complete this by 9/30 at midnight to be entered in our drawing for the month. 
Here's the link the gallery
and here's alink to the challenge thread where you will need to post your layout
Come on over and join us ladies--we love to see your creations and most of all make new friends.
And again thank you to Susan for all your inspiration and friendship over at Memorable Seasons.
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