Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carol's WIRED INSPIRED - Trend Watch - 9/20

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I love Pinterest!

I think of cool things to do on my layouts, and then I find MORE inspiration on Pinterest!  I love that you click on the photo and you then go to the site/blog where that photo was pinned from!  This clicking has led me to some inspirational blogs!  :D

Well, you know me with my stitching!  I'm in love with my sewing machine!!  ♥♥♥  I remember a long time ago, I saw a layout that had a stitched through title.  I thought it was so cool!  There is just something about the look!

Here's what I found on Pinterest:




Which led me here: LILY BEE BLOG


Which led me here: MAGGIE HOLMES DESIGN


Which led me here: STUDIO CALICO BLOG

Here is me trying this a long time ago:


Here is my latest:


To me, the stitched through title really just ties the whole layout together! :D

Of course, I used my Jillibean Soup September DT kit!! :D

So, your challenge is . . . add some interest to your layout title with STITCHING!! Machine stitch, hand stitch, cross stitch . . . whatever you want to do! Just get stitching!! :D

Have fun!!


Jean said...

It is easy to get sucked in when on Pinterest! Love where your trail led! You have mastered the art of art and doing it on titles was natural for you!!!

Dria said...

well this is fun! I had this on my to-do list..I guess I will have to do your challenge!

Colette Bate said...

Oh my goodness, how can you not be inspired looking at these amazing pages! What a way cool technique, Carol! I stitch all the time on my pages but I don't think I've ever sewn through my title. ohhh, gotta try this for sure!

Colette Bate said...
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Laura C said...

Oh WOW Carol - Stitching? LOL

antenucci said...

Love your trail you left us! Great job on the challenge - I don't often sew through my title so I'll have to try that one.

Sally Cranney said...

Fun challenge! This is a technique I've tried once or twice but will give it at try again. Love the trail you led us on! So much inspiration!

Kim said...

Love the examples! I also love the look!Great challenge!

Scrapping Bug said...

love stitching and the stitching through the title is so cool.. TFS