Thursday, April 26, 2012

Throwdown, In stock product & a winner!!

THROWDOWN CHALLENGES on the Message Board: now we're all done with our fabulous appetizers, main courses and even a dessert!!
So now what's left, you say? Well, we gotta clean up, right?

So the last challenge is to clean up those "scraps"...
Other than your "base" paper...the rest of your pp's MUST BE less than 13 inches for 1/2 of their circumfrence...
So, a 12x1 paper = 13 (it's 26 inches all the way around)
a 5x7 piece would = 12 (it's 24 all the way around)

If you're using a can measure the perimeter and then "half" it, to get your number.

YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 3 pieces of "scrap paper"...

And how about some bubbles for the soap doing the dishes?

1) 3 pieces of scrap patterened paper (see above to calculate size)
2) Bubbles/dish soap

I used MME Follow Your Heart and created this...

And...OH MY...have you seen the store lately??
Yikes...check your bank balance and then get over there!!

and MORE!!!

And...last week's blog post had the promise of a prize for someone that left a comment...
That lucky winner is ANGIE...!!

Please send me an email at
joni parker at cox dot net
and I'll get your prize to you!!

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Tami said...

Congrats Angie!