Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly DT Challenge--Cards that hold Gift cards

My calendar seems to be filled with birthdays, teacher gifts, and graduations, so my challenge this week is to create a set of 4 cards that hold a gift card or folded money. This can be in the form of a pocket, a strip of paper to tuck the card under, or a tag. Some ideas to attach your card holder would be glue, staples, sewing, brads, etc. Use your imagination! Just make sure you only put adhesive on three sides when you attach your card holder so you can slip the card in! The cards don't have to all match and the greeting on your card can cover any theme as long as you can slip a gift card or folded money in the front of the card.

Here are my samples for this challenge...

I used a black pattern paper and stapled it on to create the pocket for the gift card...

This card uses a tabbed journaling tag that I scored and created a pocket with. The tag doesn't have to be scored completely in half...as long as you have enough room for a flap to glue down and enough room for your gift card, that's all you need.

This card used a journaling spot die cut that had a travel theme. I cut off the part that had the travel wording, then covered up the travel title with my sentiment. The right side of this die cut is open to slip the card in.

This card uses a pre-printed tag that had a travel theme, and I just covered up the travel theme and added my sentiment.
I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

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Jill said...

These look amazing Telah! Everyone will love to receive those!