Thursday, June 4, 2009

When do YOU think to grab your camera?

This morning I was ready to post a nice bloggity blog about a technique with a layout for you. Then life happened. We were expecting company, my DD had a dirty diaper, and so I changed her. I didn't want the smell to linger so I went to throw the diaper outside in the trash. Checked the door lock, left the door open, threw the bag into the trash AND

my DD slammed the door, locked it, and stood giggling at me. We have 3 neighbors with keys and not ONE of them was home! I ended up calling the fire department and they were as nice as could be. They brought the hook and ladder truck and all the attention to our house! Luckily, they didn't have to break any windows or doors open and were able to get in through an attic window. If you could have SEEN the twins watching from the window - they were loving every minute and laughing all the while! Little stinkers.

Called my mom and told her what happened and she asked if I thought to take pictures or ask someone to. NO, I was locked out of my house. I went out to throw a diaper away, not have a photo shoot. Then I thought about it and wished I had had my camrea - pictures of the twins standing in the window laughing or of the firemen on our roof would have made for a great LO and story.

So, when do YOU grab your camera? Do you record life's downs as well as the ups? Do you think to record hospital trips or bad booboos? Did you grab your camera to record a nearby fire or accident? Let me know what memories you have thought to capture on the forums!


Tami said...

I took pictures of my son sobbing in the rain while learning a lesson from his dad about "attitude and rebounding" during this last basketball season.

Jocelyn said...

Oh sorry that this happened and usually I am way to stressed out during not great times to take pics!!!!! I did take a pic of my grandson's broken foot, only after the cast was on!!!!