Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School is out for the Summer...

Now that school is out for the summer, you may have more extra hands around than usual. This may also mean that your scrap time, if during the day, has been halted.
Don't let the extra little ones keep you from scrapping!! I know, we have all read an article here or there about keeping a stash in our scrap area for the kiddos, but really...
Getting them involved is a win-win situation!

Now, some may get a whole kid friendly set up going ,but you can also try some of these tricks to get some time to scrap, or at least get some ideas going, some papers pulled together, photos printed... I think, short of hiring a nanny, there is no true way to have uninterrupted scrap time... :)

**Keep your scraps... simply hand them over to a younger one to pull apart, or if age allows, cut up with scissors. The mess on the floor will be huge, realize this going in, and know your vacuum cleaners capabilities.
**Give them some stickers, some paper and stand back... watch the allure of adhesive.
**Tell them the story behind the photos you are giving them to play with. "Son, gramma's hair was not always blue..." "Once upon a time, mommy used to shower daily, and wear things other than sweats..." ;)
**Let them work FREELY. Do not step in. *note:this is a hard one for me... "Don't you want a sticker there? Oh, why don't we paste the picture in the middle? Um, boys, let's not marker over the people in the photo!"
Truth be told, if you can allow some freedom, the kids will enjoy it more. I am not saying you should never sit down and instruct the kids, but this is a "trying to get a few free minutes" kind of kid scrapping... let it go. Stickers over Nana's face will not be the fall of the industry!

These are some things I do to grab a few minutes to scrap... I have also pulled things out and tried to teach the boys HOW to scrap, not write on people, tell what the picture is about, etc. That is a totally different process.
The bottom line is, kids love being involved in what you are doing, and some little tricks can make this easy for both of you!

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