Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring cleaning!

It is that glorious (read:depressing) time of year when we all have a wee bit of spring cleaning to do. Or... if you are like me, you have a mass of coats that overflowed the coat hooks and are still parked on the spare bed where you threw them in February, and the children are wondering if they own summer clothes since the thought of changing them out makes you cringe, and best of all, your scrap space looks like you have the scrapbookers version of "Hoarders" going on.
Well... it is time my friends. Haul out the trash bags, the clothes bins and the priority boxes. Yep, you read that right. Priority Boxes. Purge that scrap space, then fill up a priority box with all the excess. Why a priority box?? Well, because if gives you options...

*send that box to your kids art teacher
*mail that box to a friend who scraps (please note, using this method you may receive the goods back at some point when said friend purges her own scrap stuff. It is a minor glitch in the scrap circle of life. Apologies.)
*have RAK on your blog or favorite message board. (that should be Memorable Seasons!)
*sell that stuff on craigslist or ebay (proceeds from the sale can buy, well... more scrap stuff! heehee)

The point is, cleaning up your space makes it easy to work in, and cleaning out helps you discover some fun things you may have forgot you had! After cleaning around the house a bit, I was inspired to do this week's challenge as an ode to the clean up and purge. Ok, truth is, I know I have ordered so many new CHA goodies from Jill, if I don't use up and clean up I will have no where to put them! Anyhoo, here is the challenge for this week:

The Minimalist:
It is all about keeping the "stuff" off your page. Details for the challenge are HERE. Hope you can play along and even get some spring cleaning of your own done! :)

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