Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scrapbook Throwdown Week #4 - Mini Buffet

"The Mini Buffet"
Since this is a buffet, you get to choose what you want to add to your plate!
You can make a mini book with one (or more) of these themes:
Your favorites of the following:
restaurants, foods, desserts, snacks, drinks, or recipes.
(* I would suggest a 5 item mini, but that is up to you!)

make a Layout about the following and create your own "buffet" of options and embellishments:
a favorite restaurant, food, dessert, snack, drink or recipe.

This is truly a buffet, so you can choose your own photo sizes, papers, embellishments, etc. The only thing you have to stick with is one (or more) of the themes above!

Wear your loose pants in case you want to go for seconds! Enjoy!

Here is my Layout:

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