Monday, January 4, 2010

A little Scrappy organization for 2010

While I am not lucky enough to have THAT know the one...the organizational one...a place for everything and everything in its place "THE SUPER GENE". I have to give kudos to myself for never giving up on that fleeting possibility of a "clean scrap room". SIGH. So I thought for my post today I would show a few ways that I am trying to give myself a next time I can actually find whatever it is I am looking for. I like to find vintage things that can be used for storage. I love milk glass and use it to stuff trinkets in. It is great because I can visually see everything. It also adds that vintage style I adore and adds a little character. Another thing that has helped me considerably is file folders from Michael's in the dollar section. I have been busy labeling them for my scraps. I swear they are ready to take over any minute and must be contained for my own sanity. One of the cheapest and simplest things I did was install a few pieces of pegboard. I have realized I have to be able to see things to use them. I love how easy it is to put things away and grab them when needed. Same with my to stash it in glass vintage style containers...easy to see what colors you have. Hopefully maybe you can use a few of these ideas for yourself..or build on them for your organizational needs. I really think that it does not need to be expensive or that time consuming to get things in place. You got to start someplace...right?


Dettao said...

Great post! I love your little things.

NanaBeth said...

I must send you a picture of my "crap" room. I too love pegboard but now it just serves to blatantly display my obsession with rubons. And mind you my piece is 4'x8'!

Allison said...

Love the vintage-y stuff!